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Lost and Found Rules at our Studios

While we do try our best to reunite you with any items that you might have leftat our studios, especially for purses, phones, and credit cards, we are not responsible for finding or keeping any items left behind at our studios. This is expressly spelled out in the waiver that you sign on your first day of class. Unfortunately smaller and lesser valued items like water bottles, sunglasses, umbrellas & random funky socks are left behind every day & are usually thrown away directly after the class is over that evening.

Please understand that we do not have storage for the sometimes 8-10 water bottles that are left behind each night we have class. Can you imagine the mountain o' water bottles we'd have? Yikes!  If your sunglasses, umbrella or socks are really special to you, please keep them in your dance bag or purse in the storage cubbies we provide for you. Please take the time to pack everything up, check around & then head out the door.  If you leave something, please call ASAP & we will try our best. If we do find your lost item and hold it for you, please come & get it the following week. We are definitely not responsible for holding any item, regardless of value, for more than 30 days. Sorry! But we have to set limits to our responsibility. Hope you understand.


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