Level 1 Certification

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Level 1 CertificationSchadia 9468f

Level 1 certifies that students have learned the beginning & most basic of the fundamental technique of Middle Eastern Belly Dance. Students who pass the level 1 certification will receive a certificate (which does not expire) & a level specific t-shirt to wear as a sign of their accomplishment. They will also be listed on our website as level 1 certified dancers (optional). 


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Preparing for Level 1 Test:

Students at level 1 learn the beginning & most basic of the fundamental technique of Middle Eastern Dance. To prepare thoroughly for the Technique section of the testing, students are also welcome to take our Hypnotic Hips and the Alluring Upper Body Technique 5 week courses (also available on DVD).  We are also offering a NAIT (Nazeem Allayl Intensive Technique) Course, which is specifically geared towards teaching & drilling all of the Level 1 Technique in one 5 week course.
For the choreography section, students need to learn two Level 1 choreographies; for 2015 they are the All Abs Drum Solo and Desert Dream (formerly known as Amir Beledi). 

In addition to offering the two choreographies (All Abs and Amir Beledi) and the Level 1 NAIT technique in five week courses at our studios, we will be offering a number of workshops to encourage & assist students working towards their Level 1 certification. Before the test dates, we will be offering One Day Choreography Workshops for both choreographies. That way, you can learn one dance in a 5-week course, and the other in a workshop. Or both either way.

After the workshops, you can take the Level 1 Pre-test. Here, we go through all of the choreographies and technique that will be tested on the actual test date, and Schadia will tell you if you got it, or what you need to work on. We highly recommend that you participate in the pre-test so you know where you are and that there are no surprises at the actual test.

If a student desires more specific one-on-one help, she can schedule private classes with Schadia & other Nazeem Allayl Studio instructors, all of whom are trained to teach the Nazeem Allayl style of Belly Dance. These private classes are especially helpful in between the Level 1 Pre-Test and the actual Test to focus on the technique or sections of the choreography which need improving or further clarification. To schedule a private class, call 404 638 6530.

In addition to the above, students are encouraged to refine & expand upon their technique through learning more choreographies like Shik Shaek Shok, Tigi Tigi, Oep, Jasmine Drum, Mizmar, Hoep De, etc.

Level 1 Testing

The test for level 1 consists of three parts: Technique stations and two choreographies. Students perform the choreographies and the technique stations in small groups or as individuals.

Level 1 Choreographies

You will be tested on two choreographies, which you will perform in small groups:
They are “All Abs” Drum Solo and “Desert Dream” (aka Amir Beledi).


Level 1 Technique

You will also be tested on the following techniques, which you will perform in small groups:

Horizontal Hip Work

  • Hip Slides
  • Horizontal Forward-Back Hip movement.
  • Hip Twists
  • Hip Circles
  • Horizontal Figure 8s & Reverse Horizontal Figure 8s


Vertical Hip Movements

  • Hip Lift Drops
  • Hip Shimmies
  • Hip Drops in BDS
  • Hip Drop Kicks
  • Pelvic Lift-Drops, Pelvic Thrusts & Pelvic Drops


Combining Vertical & Horizontal Hip Movements

  • Omis: Combining Hip Slides & Pelvic Lift-Drops       


Upper Body

  • Chest Lift/Drop            
  • Chest Slides (side to side)
  • Chest Slides (front to back)
  • Stationary Camels & Reverse Stationary Camels


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

  • How do I schedule a private class with Schadia (or one of the other Nazeem Allayl Instructors)?
    Call (404) 638-6530 for rates and availability.
  • What is the pre-test vs. the test?
    The pre-test tests the same skills as the actual test, and you get the same score card with pass/fail information plus comments. However, it gives you time to fix things, i.e. you can use the technique DVDs and/or schedule private classes to work on the moves you need more help with.
  • Can I take the workshops/courses and not test?
    Yes, testing is optional.
  • Can I just take the 5 Week Courses & NOT take the workshops?
    Yes, of course.
  • Can I just take the Worskhops & NOT take the 5 Week Courses?
    Yes, you can. If you are an advanced dancer who just needs the level 1 certification to be able to test for higher levels, the workshops are just fine for you. If you are a beginner dancer, you should take the 5 weeks courses AND the workshop.
  • I am testing for the first time & see the test is given in sections. Can I test 1 section, but not the others? i.e. a Section at a time?
    Yes, you can. You pay for the whole test and have test-credit for the sections you are not testing this time.
  • How do you score the tests?
    Each technique has a checklist (Can do/Can't do, plus a comment field for issues). You must pass 85% of the techniques to pass the technique section.
    Each choreography has a checklist for all the steps of the choreography, PLUS a checklist for all the technique used in the choreography. You must pass the steps AND do them basically technically correct (85%) to pass a choreography section.
  • Who scores the tests?
    Schadia with the assistance of other instructors trained in the Nazeem Allayl style.
  • If I take the pre-test and pass, do I still have to take the test?
    Yes. You don't pass the pre-test. The pre-test is a preparation for the test, not an actual test. The pre-test is much more casual, there might be pauses for explanations, and Schadia will take time with you and give you feedback so you know what to work on.
  • What if I fail 1 section, but pass the other 2?
    You can re-rest the failed sections at the next test date in 6 months.
  • What do I get if I pass a Level Test?
    A certificate detailing what you have achieved, plus a T-shirt with a custom logo reflecting your level.
  • What happens if I fail?
    You can re-take the failed section (i.e. technique section, or the choreography you had problems with) at the next test. We test twice a year (December and July).
  • What happens if I pay for a Workshop but don’t come?
    We have a 24hr notification period. If you cancel before that time, you get a refund (minus a $10 processing fee). If you cancel less than 24 hours, there is no refund.
  • What happens if I pay for Testing but don’t come?
    We have a 24hr notification period. If you cancel before that time, you get a refund (minus a $10 processing fee). If you cancel less than 24 hours, there is no refund.
  • When is Level 2 Testing?
    Starting July 2016 in the Summer
  • Can I do Level 2 Testing w/o passing Level 1?
    No. But we will offer the option to test level 1 right before level 2 in Summer. Just remember that that's a lot of combined technique and 4 choreographies total.
  • I've been belly dancing w/Nazeem Allayl for a long time. Can I just get a certificate?
  • How does the NAIT L1 technique class compare to the Hypnotic Hips and Upper Body?
    NAIT level 1 includes selected technique from both Hypnotic Hips and Upper Body, but not all. If you can take Hypnotic Hips AND Upper Body, you are already learning all the moves from level 1, plus a few that will be part of level 2 testing.
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