Performances - do I have to/can I ?

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You can, but don't have to

No, our students are not required to participate in shows or perform in front of an audience. Also, we do not allow spectators or visitors in the studio, not even for "waiting to pick up someone", and never men. If you come to class for exercise and companionship that is perfectly fine. If you do want to perform though, we do provide ample opportunity to do so!

But if you want to perform, we provide ample opportunities:

Hafla Dance Parties - no reservation/pre-announcement required; you just come to watch or in "fancy classwear" outfit and a CD with your song. Limit 3min.

Red Light Cafe Shows - we rent the Red Light Cafe in Midtown (a performance bar), and we put on a show that evening. Student dancers can perform as well, but need to get their routine pre-approved by Schadia. We do have paying guests that evening, and we want to make sure you know your dance and that your custome is approriate.

Studio Shows - twice a year, we produce a big show where our teachers, troupe members, and student groups perform. We practice about 4 weeks for this, and the student dances are announced 3 months in advance so you can learn them before the signup meeting. Talk to your instructor for details.


Above: Hafla Dance Party

Below: Student Group performance at our Studio Show


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