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Belly Dance Video Samples

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Studio Show Fall 2010

Studio Show Spring 2010

Studio Show Fall 2009

Studio Show Spring 2009

Studio Show Fall 2008

Studio Show Spring 2008

Studio Show Fall 2007

Studio Spring 2007

Nazeem Alsabah performing Insh Allayl, July 2007

Making news in Atlanta:
XXXXXXXX Nazeem Allayl
on TV

Video samples are taken from life performances of various Studio Shows.
Please excuse the poor quality, but we need to keep the files small.

We do, however, sell our shows on DVD with DVD quality:
(The DVD is about 1hr long and includes a minimum of seven dances featuring
the members of Nazeem Allayl, a troupe dance by Nazeem Alsabah, and a dance by our student group.
Cost: $35, plz email us for details at

ŠNazeem Allayl 2005, all rights reserved.

Studio show clips:

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