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Our store is small, but represents the "must have's" of every belly dancer:




Silk Veils

Hip Scarfs

Harem Pants




Tops & belts


DVD & Books

Need ideas? See pictures from our first Fashion show

How to order:

Email inquiries and orders to
Minimum online-order amount is $40, or a $8 processing fee will be charged.

Shopping hours at the Perimeter Location: By appointment -
call at (404) 638 6530 [we answer the phone between 10am-10pm ET] to schedule a shopping trip.


Shopping Cart I am working on the fancy shopping cart. For the time being, please use a piece of paper to write down what you want, and when done, please email us us your order, together with your shipping address (No PO boxes) and a contact number. Our state of the art offline fully manual inventory verification system (In english, that's me checking that we have what you want) will within a day pack it, calculate shipping (and Tax if you're in GA) and send you a paypal invoice. Once payment is received, we ship.

Payment: We accept cash, money order, or credit cards online via paypal. We do not yet accept credit/debit cards at the studio.

International Shipping: We don't ship to Australia, New Zealand or Italy (sorry, your customs takes so long that it exceeds paypals 30 days time frame). We don't ship to Nigeria either.

Return policy: Once you receive our items, you check them out within three days, and if it's not what you had in mind, return them for a full refund (you only pay shipping). Items must be returned in as-new condition, and postmarked within three business days of receipt.

Legal stuff: In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical error or error in pricing, quantities available or product information received from our suppliers, either on an Atlanta Belly Dance LLC website, an affiliates website or a partner’s website, Atlanta Belly Dance LLC shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders, including auctions, placed for products listed at the incorrect price or out-of-stock. Atlanta Belly Dance LLC shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, Atlanta Belly Dance LLC shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge.

Pictures from our store at Little 5 Points

Here a list of typical "got to haves" that are available for purchase at Schadia's Studio:

  • Costumes: Frequently, vendors send us costumes on consignment, and those will be on display for a short period of time in the studio.
    With some vendors we can order individual items, but for the most part, we try to place group orders to get some form of discount or free shipping. E-mail Schadia to find out when she will be placing her next order.

  • Jewlery: No outfit is complete without jewelry, and Schadia has lots of earrings, necklaces and bindis to help achieve that finished look :)
  • Coin Sashes: Very affordable, starting at only $25, coin sashes are extremely popular among belly dancers. They are not only really fun to wear, but are also an irreplaceable tool for learning isolations, shimmies and hip movements. Coin sashes come in many different colors and patterns, are worn around the hips, right at the hip bone.

  • Coin bras: Coin bras are bright, noisy and lots of fun! They are a great way to look fabulous on stage for not much money. Coin bras are available in gold or silver and are $35.00. We usually attach some strung coins that drape over the stomach and dress up the outfit. Strung coins are also available from Schadia.
  • Finger Cymbals: Finger cymbals, also known by their Turkish name Zills, are used by dancers as a way to make their own music or to accompany either recorded and live music while dancing. They can add depth and drama to a piece of music and make it come alive.
    Schadia always has zills in stock. Zills are $10.00 for a set of four. If you need a pair or two, just let her know.

    We now also carry Saroyan and Turqoise International Zills.

    (Note: Don't buy the cheap ones with round holes - your fingers will thank you)

  • Silk Veils: A must for dramatic entrances and doing the most beautiful veil dances, Schadia sells hand-dyed multi-colored silk veils made by Neran and others, and our store brand for single color silk veils. We have many veils in stock or can have a veil dyed to match a costume for you.
    Three yard single colored veils in stock are $35.00, with discounts given to students in a veil class. If you would like a custom dyed and/or a multi-colored veil, e-mail Schadia for prices.
    Once you use silk, you will never want to use anything else!
  • Harem Pants: While some students dance in sweat pants or leotards, most students soon switch to harem pants. Since we make them ourselves, they can be ordered for many kind of fabrics, colors and patterns. We keep a large inventory of fabric in stock and can make a pair just for you!
    Harem Pants typically cost anywhere from $20 to $35
  • Tops: Again, some students just wear sports bras; but when a skirt or a pair of harem pants is combined with a dance top, you have great costume that can be worn in class as well as on stage. Tops usually run between $25 - $35 and are made of stretch velvet.
  • Yellecks: Coin bras look best when worn with yellecks, a.k.a. Turkish style vests, which we also make and sell. Yellecks are $25.00 unlined or $35.00 lined.
  • Skirts:We make and sell beautiful circle skirts for belly dancing. We can make you a simple single circle skirt for class or a six or eight circle skirt for an exciting gypsy dance --- and of course everything in between. If you would like a custom-made skirt, e-mail us or talk to us after class and we will make one just for you. The cost of a skirt usually depends on what fabric it is made of, but most cost between $15-$25 per half circle.
We love Middle Eastern Belly Dance! We have searched the world to bring you the most unique, original, and exotic belly dance costumes, belly dance jewelry and belly dance accessories.

Need something to wear to class, practice, or a performance? Check out our hip scarves, belts (take your pick of coin belts, beaded belts, or jeweled belts), and bras (we have your style--coin bras, beaded bras, and jeweled bras!) for belly dancing. Try pairing your new hip scarf, coin belt or coin bra with one of our skirts, dresses, or harem pants. These range from simple to simply amazing—you’ll find an unadorned skirt, dress, or harem pant just right for belly dance class and another skirt, dress, or harem pant covered in sequins and paillettes perfect for a belly dance performance!

Accessorize your belly dance costume with headpieces, arm cuffs (maybe an Egyptian cobra arm cuff with a matching headpiece, or perhaps an Indian snake arm cuff?) and anklets with coins or anklets with bells. We also carry a wonderful selection of belly dance jewelry. Sparkle on the belly dance stage with a crystal necklace and matching crystal earrings, or connect with the past with an antique Kuchi necklace. We also carry indian style cabaret jewelry.

Enhance your belly dance performance with our wide selection of props, including veils (silk veils), swords and canes (spangled canes or wrapped canes), or find the music for your belly dance performance. We carry many belly dance CDs, as well as the zills you need to make your own belly dance music, from beginner zills to professional cymbals from renowned companies such as Saroyan and Turquoise International. Of course, the coin belts, hip scarves, and anklets will help you make music too! Need some belly dance inspiration? We also carry instructional belly dance videos, performance belly dance videos, and belly dance books.

Do you need a caftan to cover-up your belly dance costume between performances? Dance shoes? Cholis (embroidered cholis or cholis dripping with coins)? We’ve got you covered from head (headpieces) to toe (dance shoes and toe rings) and from A (anklets) to Z (zills)! Do you want to sparkle with sequins and beads and paillettes, or are you aiming for a tribal belly dance look? We’ll help you get whatever look you like!

And of course our large selection of beginner and professional belly dance costumes (cabaret-style) from egypt and turkey.