Create Belly Dancers

We don't just teach classes, we create Belly Dancers:

Our Motto: Where Belly Dancers are created

  • We teach Middle Eastern Dance in all its varieties, from Turkish to Lebanese and Egyptian Styles, plus modern fusion or Tribal Fusion.
  • We intruduce the Middle Eastern culture in our classes
  • We organize speciatly workshops for special topics such as musicology, choreographing, restaurant dancing, and even how to teach belly dance
  • We host events where students can perform, from casual Hafla dance parties to formal Studio Shows.

Students who want to perform in groups can join our student group Nazeem Alsabah. Nazeem Alsabah dancers perform regularly at local events, including at retirement homes, fundraisers for women or children related causes, and local community events with an international flair.

Student Group Performance at Nazeem Allayl Studio Show



Hafla Dance Party at Peachtree Corners Studio