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Gym workout clothes, ballet slippers

Lightweight workout clothes , or a leotard and tights are fine. I make & sell belly dance clothes. Dressing up is lots of fun, but you definitely don't need to & it is not a requirement. I have some students who come in sweats while other students love to wear the harem pants, dance skirts and cool tops. I personally love to be fashionable while dancing ;) Where else can you exercise while looking so exotic & beautiful?? Somehow sweating and getting a major workout isn't so bad when you look so fabulous! :)

As far as footwear is concerned, you will be dancing on a hardwood-like suspended floor. Although some students dance either with socks or barefoot, I encourage students to invest in a jazz shoe, jazz sandals, or ballet practice shoes as class footwear. Tennis shoes are not allowed, socks slide on the floor and bare feet tempt painful injury to your precious tootsies! We do sell ballet slippers and carry sizes 6-14.

Coin sashes for that added touch


As for special equipment : students will find a large scarf, shawl or coin sash very helpful (for sale at our studio). These items are used for hip wraps - a visual aid for both the student AND teacher. Other things you'll probably want to add to your dance "collection" are finger cymbals (4 of them, not 2, and don't get the cheap ones with round holes, your fingers will thank you), called zils or zaghat and a veil (silk please, other fabric has the elegance of a bedsheet) - which you'll get to toss and twirl (when needed for a class, we special order them in bulk to keep cost down). If you want to know if a particular prop is required for the class you will be taking, check out the schedule of classes & then click on the dance you will be learning. When you click onto the name of the dance, you will find a description of that dance & if a prop is required.

Our Stores carry hip scarfs, shoes (ballet slippers), swords, zills, veils, fanveils, canes, tops, skirts, pants, tshirt, how-to and performanceDVDs, CDs, and jewelry.

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