Spring'17 Studio Show Performer Information


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Spring'2017 Studio Show Performer Information
Sign-up meeting is on Saturday, February 18th 4-5:40pm @ Little 5 Points studio (1394 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta GA 30307). Please bring cash or credit card to pay for your costume.
If you really can't make the meeting, please call us at (404) 638 6530 to get information, give sizes, and make payment.
Belly Dancing is fun, but to dance in costume within a group of ladies in front of a cheering audience is fantastic. So twice a year, we provide our students with this great opportunity to dance on stage. These are really awesome shows that give us, both teachers and students, a chance to showcase everything that we have been working on to the public. It's a chance for our friends, family members & fans to come see us perform in a large scale full production show of all shows. You can't miss it, especially if you have the opportunity to be a part of this spectacular event!.
The student dances for the Spring 2017 studio show (Show date Sunday, March 19th) is Zaina Belly Dance

List of our studios:
L5P: 1394 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta GA 30307
ECobb: @ LL Dance & Fitness 2997 Cumberland Blvd #230 Atlanta GA 30339.
Buck: 2664 Cove Circle NE, Atlanta GA 30319

If you learn(ed) this  dance , you can join a student group and perform it in the show.


The Show Dances are being taught at these locations:


Last chance -  If you can't learn the dance in a 5-week course, or want to take a (discounted) refresher:
One day workshop to learn Zaina is on
Saturday, February 18th 12:30-3:30pm @ L5P
2017 2 18 ZainaDurriWS NL


Important Events

1) Sign-up and Information Meeting:

All Student Performers - Saturday, February 18th, 4-5:30pm @ L5P. Please be on time, not early, not late. We'll go over the show details, give out costumes and measure for/order the rest. Please bring credit card/cash; For costume costs, see below.


2) Staging Dil Cheez:

Sunday, February 19th, 2-5pm
Here we assign positions. Required.


3)  Three Practices  @ L5P Punctual attendance of all practices required

Sunday, February 26th
Sunday, March 5th 
Sunday, March 12th   (dress rehearsal, come in costume and makeup)


4) Showdate: 

Sunday, March 19th

Student Dancers arrive at 3pm,
Door opens at 6pm
Show 6:30-8pm
Dancers leave at 9:00pm

Location: 7 Stages Theater (in Little 5 Points), 1105 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, 30307


$109.99 Costume: , includes Top, Sash, Skirt (10yrd Satin), Satin Harem Pants, Jewelry

$59.97 3x General Seating Tickets (upgrade to VIP extra) Student dancers are required to buy/resell three tickets.

$29.99 Staging and Rehearsal Fee (6 1/2 hours total)


$199.95 Total

Payment plan: Pay $139 at signup meeting, pay $69.97 ($10 extra) for tickets by March 12th. We will provide you with a custom link to (re)sell your tickets and if your friends/family buy them directly through that link, you don't have to pay for them.







You will be expected to be on time and to stay the entire time of each activity. Do not commit to being in this show if you can not guarantee that your schedule will allow you to attend ALL activities.

If you miss a practice and/or are more than 15 minutes late for whatever reason, you will be staged out of the dance, and you will not perform. No refunds.

I know this sounds harsh, but this is the only way to ensure that everyone is treated fairly & equally. This also ensures that all of our valuable time is used as constructively as possible. We have very little time to prepare you to be as fabulous as you possibly can be. Schadia gives her valuable time to your group, and everyone in the group is expected to take full advantage of it - hence not allowing anyone to be absent or more than 15 minutes late.

Frequent Questions

Q: Can I upgrade my tickets from general admission to more expensive ones up front?
A: Yes

Q: I am new to the studio. I don't know the choreography being performed yet. Can I still be in the Show?

A: Yes, but only if you take the one day workshop scheduled before the staging that teaches the choreography you want to perform. And, yes you will be fabulous.

Q: Are there tryouts? I am not sure if I am good enough ...
A: No tryouts, any current student can perform, and you will be fabulous.

Q: I think I am tall/short/big boned/skinny/young/old, can I still perform?
A: Yes - everyone can perform. And, yes you will be fabulous.

Q: I can make all but one of the practices, can I still perform?
A: No. You need to attend all scheduled practices.

Q: My schedule requires that I have to come 20 minutes late to one/some practices, can I still perform?
A: No. You can not be more than 15 minutes late.

Q: What happens if there is an emergency and I am late/miss a practice, can I still perform?
A: No. You can not miss any practices or be more than 15 minutes late, regardless of the circumstances.

Q: Isn't that a little too harsh? Miss one/late and you are out...
A: Yes, it is harsh. We will have 200 paying guests, who expect a good show. We have only 3 practices, one staging, one dress rehearsal, and the setup for a total of 5 meetings within a 6 week window to get ready for this show. There is no extra time. There is no way to reschedule, leaving us with no other option.

Q: So you talk tough, but then make exceptions?
A: No. Absolutely not. The rules are the same for everyone - Troupe members and students alike. No exceptions.

Q: So you staged me out of the show because I could not make/was late to a practice. Can I get a refund on the costume/tickets?
A: No. The costumes are special order, often to your size. They and your tickets can not be resold by us. You are free to resell them if you would like.

Q: When do the tickets go on sale?
A: Tickets go on sale at about a month before the show, the exact date is announced via email and the website. See above for the exact procedure and timeline of the ticket sales.

Q: Can I get a refund on the tickets (like if I am staged out of the show)?
A: No. But most likely other students will be more than happy to buy your tickets.

Q: Can my guest videotape my performance?
A: No. The choreographies are copyright protected by us. But we do videotape the show, which is for sale about 2 weeks after the show at the studio on a DVD w/menus and the proper copyright.

Q: Can they take pictures of me?
A: Not during the show. Consumer camera's flash is not strong enough for the big stage, and only disturbs the video. Often, people stand up or hold a camera above their head to take a picture, which never looks good and always blocks someone elses view. We have an official photographer taking pictures and we post them on the website and facebook for you after the show.

Q: Do little children need tickets too?
A: Yes. We do offer discounted tickets for children ($10).

Q: I want to be staged so that I perform in front of my guests from my good side. Can you accomodate that?
A: No, but rest assured your friends will be able to see you, and you will look fabulous.

Q: Which seats are the best?
A: Seat prices depend on how close to the stage you are and/or the angle of the view. The ticket price is the best indicator for the quality of the seat.

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