Lovely - Bollywood Fusion Dance

"Lovely" Bollywood Fusion Dance FlagIndia

SalwahBollywoodIt's all about combining Bollywood & Bellydance in this amazing fusion dance to the song "Lovely" from the soundtrack of the biggest Bollywood movie of 2014 and one of the highest earning movies of all time, "Happy New Year."  Just like the movie, "Lovely" is fun, frivolous and full of fabulous! Lyrically the song seems created just for us, as it combines Hindi & Arabic with a musical vibe that feels both Indian and Middle Eastern.  The dance that we've created expresses the different elements of the song using moves from Deepika Padukone's original choreography and traditional belly dance.  The result is an exciting choreography, unique, beautiful, and sizzling hot fusion of dance flavors. Oh la la!  
Lyrics from "Lovely"
With you o beloved, my heart beats, my heart beats.
O beloved, O love, O life, O luck, O beloved, O love.
I've become lovely, having read your name, having read your name.
See these bangles of red color? They jingle and dance on my hands for you.
They have become intoxicated through your touch.
You have touched me in such a way  that I've gone mad.