Rouhi Tray Dance

Rouhi Tray Dance FlagMorocco

TrayDanceThis soft, flowing & modern belly dance was choreographed by Schadia to a sweet song called "Rouhi". This choreography engages both the dancer and the audience with the graceful incorporation of balancing a tray while performing the choreography.

Raqs al Seniyaa, or dancing while balancing a tray, is a very old form of dance most likely originating in Morocco as an interpretive dance of the Moroccan Tea Ceremony. The Moroccan tray balancing is often done with a tea pot on top of the tray, surrounded by tea cups w/ little candles in them.

Dancing with a tray of flowers as we will be learning to do in this course gives our Tray Dance a modern slant and makes the dancer feel feminine and beautiful. What women doesn't love to surrond herselves with flowers?

If you haven't balanced before, balancing a tray is a great place to start. Trays will be available for purchase at the studio. Schadia will give you lots of tips and tricks to make balancing a snap. And Yes, she will also go over how to build a lovely flower arrangement to go on top of your tray.

Don't miss the rare opportunity to learn this beautiful choreography and the graceful art of tray balancing.

Props Required: Tray