Veil Dance - Restaurant Style

Veil Dance - Restaurant Style FlagEgypt


Schadia choreographed a graceful flowing veil dance that can be used as an entrance piece for any performance set or be perfect on its own. You will learn the choreography in the beginning of this course, and then learn how to perform it "restaurant style".

What is Restaurant Style Dancing?

Dancing in a fluid environment - Our director Schadia has danced in restaurants for many years, including most restaurants in the Atlanta area. She has since trained many dancers in this specialty as well. In this course, Schadia will introduce you to the art of dancing in a fluid environment, a skill set whichis helpful for Restaurant Style Dancing, dancing at parties or weddings, or anywhere where traveling in a crowd is required.

Mixed level: Suitable for beginners and advanced dancers, as different versions of the dance will be taught, with more advanced techniques for advanced dancers being offered.

Props required: Silk Veil (recommended size 3 yards x 45 inches; available for purchase at the studio starting at $19)