Technique I - Sumptuous Shimmies

If you can shake it, we will shimmy it. The shimmy, a rapid vibration of body parts, is the signature move of Middle Eastern Dance, and in this course we will cover them all: From shoulder shakes to hip shimmies, from arm shimmies to knee shimmies, and the 3/4 shimmy most dances use for traveling. We'll even get into layered shimmies and folk shimmies.
The Technique I series consists of three parts; you can take them in either sequence. This Sumptuous Shimmies Technique course covers the following technique:
  • Hip Lift-Drop
  • Hip Shimmy
  • 3/4 Shimmy
  • Hip Twist Shimmy
  • Pelvic Lift-Drop
  • Pelvic Shimmy
  • Shoulder Shake
  • Shoulder Shimmy
  • Choo Choo Shimmy
  • Knee Shimmy
  • Folk Shoulder Shakes
  • Layered Choo Choo Shimmy
  • Layered Knee Shimmy
The complete Technique I Series
consist of three six-week courses that cover all the beginner level moves that you will encounter in our beginner level choreographies.
Tech1: Hypnotic Hips
Tech1: Upper Body
Tech1: Shimmies
Your instructor will go over basic moves with you in great detail -- breaking down individual moves and showing you ways to establish and improve your belly dance technique. This class gives you the workout of your life! Be ready to sweat, burn off some serious calories, and work hard!!

The difference between this class and a choreography class is that in the technique class you focus on individual areas of the body and establishing the muscle memory for individual moves throughout the six-week course, whereas in the choreography classes you learn an entire choreography to a piece of music during the six week course.


Both kinds of courses are technique driven and will give you a great workout. They just have different focuses, i.e. the Technique Course focuses on repetitive practice of individual moves, while a Choreography Course progresses through a specific choreography.

How is the technique course different from the pay-as-you-go bellydance workout class?
The Technique 1 is a six-week course; this means no walk-ins after week 2. This allows us to go into more complex moves, combinations of moves, and layering of moves - which can not be done in the workout class, as there is potentially a new student walking in any day.

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