NAIT Level 1 (Nazeem Allayl Intensive Technique)

Nazeem Allayl Intensive Technique (NAIT) - Level 1Schadia 9666f

This technique course includes those parts of Alluring Upper Body Technique and the Hypnotic Hips technique course that are being tested at Level 1 Certification. Students can take this course as preperation for technique portion of the Level 1 certification test, or simply as a pure technique course.

Question: Why have a seperate NAIT Level 1 course when we already offer three technique courses (Hips, Upper Body, Shimmy)?
Answer: Part of level 1 certification includes performing two choreographies. They use moves from Hips and Upper Body (as it is not feasible to create a dance just using moves using only Hip moves). Thus, the NAIT course was created to focus on those technique that are part of Level 1 testing.

Moves include:

Horizontal Hip Work

  • Hip Slides
  • Horizontal Forward-Back Hip movement.
  • Hip Twists
  • Hip Circles
  • Horizontal Figure 8s & Reverse Horizontal Figure 8s

Vertical Hip Movements

  • Hip Lift Drops
  • Hip Shimmies
  • Hip Drops in BDS
  • Hip Drop Kicks
  • Pelvic Lift-Drops, Pelvic Thrusts & Pelvic Drops

Combining Vertical & Horizontal Hip Movements

  • Omis: Combining Hip Slides & Pelvic Lift-Drops       

Upper Body

  • Chest Lift/Drop            
  • Chest Slides (side to side)
  • Chest Slides (front to back)
  • Stationary Camels & Reverse Stationary Camels