Undulations, Circles and Swirls

Undulations, Circles and Swirls FlagUSA

Drawing circular shapes w/ different parts of our bodies will be the focus of this fabulous course. You are definitely guarenteed a deeply muscular core workout, as we will be exploring the use of our own muscles to do resistance training & mastering the art of muscle control. We will learn many of the hypnotic circular and sexy swirling movements used in belly dance, learning technique & creating a short combination in every class of this course. This course is designed to be accessible to beginning dancers, offering modifications to challenge more advanced students.

Moves we will be exploring in the
Undulations, Circles & Swirls Course:
  • Hand Circles
  • Shoulder Circluar Movements
  • Tradition Chest Circles
  • Fusion Chest Circles
  • Chest Figure 8s
  • Stationary Torso Camels
  • Stationary Lower Body Camels
  • Camel Walk
  • Lower body Camel Walk
  • Traditional Traveling Camels
  • Hip Circles
  • Omis
  • Horizontal Hip Figure 8s
  • Vertical Hip Figure 8s
  • Reverse Vertical Figure 8s
  • and much more!

Props Required: None