Passion Drum Dance

Passion Drum Dance FlagEgypt

A Drum or Tablah Solo is fast paced, exhilarating and a real crowd pleasers! Drum Passion is our newest hip shakin’ shimmying drum solo! Schadia brought back lots of music w/ her from Egypt, an awesome drum solo c.d., being one. Drum Passion is a song off of that brand new c.d. Come and learn this exciting, fun, brand new choreography.

Along with the choreography for Drum Passion, you will learn some awesome hip work technique, beginner level layering and receive lots of shimmy technique to take home and practice, including how to improve your shimmies, and make them strong, exact and controlled. If you want to learn how to shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, and get a great workout, this is the dance for you!

Props: No Props

You will learn these moves:

  • Knee Shimmy
  • Hip Shimmy
  • Hip Slides
  • Hip circles
  • Traveling Hip circles
  • Vertical Hip Pops
  • Basic & Folk Shoulder Shakes
  • Basic layering