Hips don't Lie Dance

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Schadia choreographed a most fabulous choreography to Shakira's mega hit Hips Don't Lie. It is super sassy, super sexy and hot hot hot! The dance fuses spicy Latin American dance moves with a cool flowing Middle Eastern flow. You are going to love this dance!

If want to "Shake It Like Shakira" for a five week course, OR you are obsessed with the "Hips Don't Lie" song and would totally love to learn an entire choreography to it, OR if you want to bring the HEAT into your belly dancing & burn everyone with your hot-ness, definitely join the "Hips don't Lie" course!


  • Want to learn how to do all of those super hot Shakira style hip undulations?
  • Want to learn how to do those cool chest & torso undulations?
  • Want to learn how to do chest & hip locks like Shakira?
  • Want to know if your hips don't lie?

Level: Beginner

Props Needed: None


Course Details:


You will learn these moves:

  • Salsa Step
  • North African Step
  • Shoulder Shakes
  • Pelvic Shimmy
  • Reverse Camel
  • Camel
  • Chest Lift/Drop
  • Hip Circle
  • “Corkscrew”
  • Maya, Traveling Maya
  • 3/4 Shimmy
  • Basic Freestyling



About Shakira:shakiraHips2

Lebanese and Latin pop star SHAKIRA discovered her trademark hip-shaking dance moves after
watching a belly dancer perform. She says,
  "I was mesmerised and when I got home I started repeating every move I saw."

The Lebanese-Colombian beauty now credits the dance style with helping her overcome crippling shyness. She says: "I fell in love with the idea of performing in front of a live audience.

"I always felt the stage was the only place where I was completely uninhibited because usually I'm shy, although I've learned how to cover it. "Belly dancing puts you in touch with your most sensual aspects.