Qaseer Drum Belly Dance


Qa Seer Drum Solo Dance FlagEgypt

A Drum or Tablah Solo is a song consisting of drumbeats. They are fast paced, exhilarating and real crowd pleasers! Qa Seer (aka. Short Drum Solo) is a little over a minute of shaking shimmying fun! Along with the choreography by Schadia to Qa Seer, you will learn some interesting directional hip work and lots of shimmy technique, including how to improve your shimmies, and make them strong, exact and controlled. If you want to learn how to shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, and get a great workout this is the dance for you!

Props: No Props

You will learn these moves:

  • Boat Paddle Arms
  • Knee Shimmy
  • Hip Shimmy
  • Snake Arms
  • Hip Pop
  • Hip Twist, Level-changing hip twists
  • Basic layering