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Student Feedback

We asked current students to tell us why they chose and stayed with the team of the Nazeem Allayl Belly Dance Studio as their belly dance instructors.
  • I have fun and I am really starting to see excellent results in my abs. -- Regina

  • One thing I really love about Schadia's studio is that beginning students are given the opportunity to perform right off the bat. You are not only taking classes, but putting your new skills to use impressing your family and friends!! -- Amanda

  • I love your personality and I think that you are a wonderful dancer. I am hoping that I can become one of the dancers on your team when I am good enough. :-) I have recommended you to others, so you may need a bigger studio! -- Regina

  • I am a true beginner so everything about bellydancing was new to me. Schadia provided an explanation of the art of bellydancing, an overview of the basic moves and taught the basic moves through the choreography during the 6 week class. The whole way she taught was so helpful. Each class builds upon the knowledge you recieved in the previous class. You are building on what you have already learned so your knowledge and experience increases methodically. I have enjoyed classes and appreciate your help Schadia! -- Robbie

  • There is no getting bored since the classes are never the same. They are a great way to workout and always leave me feeling better when I'm done, no matter how I felt when I started. -- Debbie

  • I have not missed one of Schadia's beginner classes since I started 2 months ago. Belly dancing is so relaxing and a great form of exercise (I lost my love handles). I really look forward to Schadia's class every Sunday. A few friends of mine bought belly dancing video tapes but couldn't do the dances because the video tape did not break it down for them. I informed them they have to take a class in order to get a break down of the dance - it's more to what you see on the tape and it's fun and you meet some very interesting ladies. Oh and ladies: the men love it!...Thanks for lessons and your patience Schadia. You are great. -- Arnita

  • I love taking classes with Schadia!! I am not only learning a lot about an ancient art form from a foreign culture, but I have developed close ties and lasting friendships with the other women in my class. -- Bajah

  • As a wife and mother, I initially started bellydancing for exercise only but this artform is so beautiful and feminine (& just for me) that it has become a relaxing part of my hectic life. --Anne