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by Schadia, © 2004

  • Consider the Venue in which you will be dancing: What does the venue call for --- traveling music, stationary music, up close vs. far away. veil, finger cymbals)
  • Even with improving, it can be a good idea to choreograph the very beginning and the end of the songs you are using.
  • Don't assume because you are improving you don't have to practice. You do need to practice dancing to the song A LOT.
    • You will want to find levels in the music. Isolate rhythms and dance to them, moving in between music levels.
    • Remember the elements of your body & use all of them when dancing: hair, head, shoulders, elbows, hands, rib, stomach, hips, legs, feet. Move between these elements.
    • Feel your music and put that expression into your eyes, facial expressions and physical expressions (Soft moves vs. hard movements). Use your strong points, and what you like to do.
  • Listen to your music A LOT. Listen to it in a place where you can't dance to it (like in the car), & VISUALZE yourself dancing to it.
  • If dancing w/ a partner, do make sure to dance and interact w/ her. Have one lead a section & then switch. MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH HER, if you do not, you will be seen as rude by Middle Eastern audience members.
  • Don't do the same move over & over again. Vary your moves & make sure you practice your improv. basic steps w/ the music you will be improving to.
  • Make sure you make a little card with the following on it: "what in the heck do I do now improv. moves!"
    • My basic stationary step is:
    • 2 variations on my basic stationary step are:
    • My basic traveling step is:
    • 2 variations on my basic motion step are:

    Take the card with you & make sure you look it over and memorize it right before you go out to dance.
  • Freedom - have fun!! And remember no move or sequence of moves is "wrong".

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