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Costuming Issues

by Schadia , © 2004

  • Dance Test your costume BEFORE wearing it in the restaurant.
  • Make sure your costume fits you properly. A couple of pins here or there are alright, but they should not take the place of you sewing your hooks or straps where they belong.
  • You will most probably be dancing by yourself, so you need to be able to get on and take off your costume w/o any help from anyone.
  • If you are wearing a plain-er costume, you need to buy accessories, headbands, fancier skirts and jewelry, to dress it up.
  • You are in the big leagues now. You must look like you belong there.
  • Wear adequate make-up when you perform. If you don't, you not only look unprofessional, but just plain washed out & bad. I also like body glitter. It is fun and looks great.
  • Buy shoes that are good for dancing - thin soled w/ traction. Wear them when you are practicing. You should feel as comfortable dancing in your shoes as you do dancing barefoot.
  • Wear the correct underwear, so that you can secure your tips.

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