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Nazeem Alsabah @ Stone Mountain

Nazeem Alsabah Members belly dancing at the Stone Mountain Health Fair, September 27th, 2008

Stone Mountain in the background,
Noureen, Salwah, and Aseelah in the foreground

We set up shop

We educated about the health benefits of belly dancing

Yes, every women can do it

And yes, we teach classes as well

The young

and the pretty - and the Husband liked the idea as well

Our flyers sure helped to tell the story

The photo gallery was a hit as well

Some were trying to picture themselves in a costume

Others were already planning their first show appearance

Then it was showtime for our dancers


Noureen and Salwah

Noureen and Salwah with DJ




Noureen w/cane

An interview with Council Women Beverly

Then everyone wanted to know where to sign up

Thank you Aseelah, Salwah, and Noureen
for promoting Middle Eastern Dance
in the Stone Mountain Community