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Japanese New Years Party
at the Georgia Aquarium

Members of Nazeem Alsabah performed at the New Years Party for the Japanese Chamber of Commerce at the Georgia Aquarium, 1-24-2010

Tahani under Japanese Chamber of Commerce Logo

Over 300 corporate guests in the Ocean Ballroom of the Georgia Aquarium

Tahani and Tala(r)

Tala and Tahani (r)

Sabeeya w/Whale Shark, ever changing light at the ceiling - wow


Tala w/Whale Shark

Sabeeya and Dujanah (r)

Dujanah (l) and Sabeeya

Then we posed in front of the big Aquarium Window

Sabeeya (l) and Dujanah (r)

Dujanah w/Shark

Sabeeya w/Shark

Tala and Tahani (r) w/Sawfish

Sabeeya, Dujanah, Tala, and Tahani w/Whale Shark



Dujanah, Sabeeya, Tala, and Tahani w/Whale Shark and Saw Fish