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Shimmy Fit
Belly Dance Workout

Zumba ain't got nothin' on Us! Come to our Shimmy Fit classes to experience an all female, empowering environment that will have you dancing like an Egyptian to Shabi music, jumping to Bollywood Bhangra music, shaking your hips to Tahitian drums, pop-locking to Tribal Fusion, and... that's just the beginning!

Only $10/session, with punchcard as lows as $7/session

The Shimmy Fit classes will give you a taste of belly dance while also giving you a great workout. They will introduce you to our studios, and accommodate irregular work, vacation and holiday schedules as these classes are pay-as-you-go.

The Nazeem Allayl style of belly dancing will not only give you abs of steel, but thighs of titanium! The Shimmy Fit classes will have you maintaining the correct core & thigh strengthening belly dance posture while focusing on upper, middle and lower abdominal isolations, hip movements, and some great booty shaping exercises too.

We will drill movements to build strength in your upper body, core, and legs, as well as cardio to burn those calories. We'll get your heart beating while having your abs & thighs beg for mercy!

Share the fun: If you bring a friend, we simply punch two holes from your punchcard.

Cost: $10 / session

Discounted Punch-cards are available:

$50 (5+1 free sessions) and $100 (10+3 free sessions)