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Nazeem Alsabah helps raise $3500:
Rotary Club Fundraiser for Lebanon Rotor clubs, August 28, 2006

© August 28, 2006
All rights reserved on all pictures

Nazeem Alsabah is the amateur troupe of the Nazeem Allayl Studio. The members of Nazeem Alsabah donated their time and danced at the Rotary club fundraiser on August 28th, 2006, held at Nicola's Restaurant. Over $3500 were raised, and as can be seen below, everyone had a great time.

Liyana, Leyli , Aneesa

Aseelah, Leena, Lamia

Aseelah, Aneesa


All tips were donated

Lebanese fusion style line dancing (Debke)


Leena, Liyana, Lamia